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Shopping in Penketh

Honiton Square
Honiton Square.

Penketh's main shopping area is at Honiton Square, situated on Honiton Way, just off Greystone Road.

Honiton Square has shops including a Spar, Estate Agents, Banks, Butchers, Chemist and Bakery.

Penketh also has many smaller shopping areas around the village, there are a variety of super markets, such as The Spar, The Late Shop, and Sommerfield.

Penketh also has many speciality shops ranging from Shoes and Sportswear to Kitchen design, Televisions and Videos. There are plenty of parking spaces around the village making shopping easy.

If your looking for somewhere to shop without all the hassle of one of the larger town centres, Penketh is an ideal choice, offering something for everyone without the hustle and bustle of a larger town.

Here follows a list of Penketh Shops and there location.

Shops on Penketh Road
Shops on Penketh Road.
The Spar and Indian on Warrington Road
Shops on Warrington Road.
Bargin Booze, Harrys Chippy & China China on Warrington Road
Bargin Booze, Harrys Chippy & China China on Warrington Road.

Listing of Shops in Penketh

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Shops on Honition Square
Shops on Warrington / Penketh Road
Other Shops in Penketh
Hairdressers / Barbers
Dentists / Chiropodist
Banks and Cashpoints
Fish and Chips / Chinese Foods
Located on Honiton Square
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Located on Warrington / Penketh Road
  • West End Motors Petrol Station and Car Repair depo, Farnworth Road, 01925-722144.
  • Jones K&A Newsagents Selling Newspapers, Magazines and Sweets, 222 Warrington Road, 01925-722254.
  • Sommerfield A Discount supermarket offering a wide range of foods including Bakers, Butchers, Off Licence and Fruit and Veg, 176 Warrington Road, 01925 725033.
  • Harrys Chip Shop Offering Fish, Chips, Burgers, Kababs and Chinese Foods, 191 Warrington Road, 01925-722242.
  • Late Shop United Norwest Co-operatives supermarket, Warrington Road, 01925-722115.
  • Sunridge Upholstery Quality Hand made Suites, Farnworth Road, 01925 727610
  • Bargin Booze Cheap Off Licence, 187 Warrington Road, 01925-724248.
  • Penketh T.V & Video Small Television and Video Retailer, 201 Warrington Road, 01925-726388.
  • Fairfield Motor Services Car Accessory and Parts Shop, 58 Warrington Road, 01925-727364.
  • Keytrak Lock & Safe Co. Lock Smith's, Warrington Road, 01925-728599 or 726065.
  • Penketh D.I.Y & Garden Centre Warrington Road, 01925-723548.
  • Victoria Wine Off Licence, 60 Warrington Road, 01925 721474.
  • Wing Fat Chinese and Fish and Chip Shop situated on Warrington Road, 01925 727984
  • B.P. Filling Station on Warrington Road supplying Petrol, Carwash and small motor accessory shop.
  • MaCabe Newsagents Newsagents and Sweets, 56 Warrington Road, 01925-722180.
  • Wynsors World of Shoes Discount Footwear Store, 74 Warrington Road, 01925 727481.
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Other Shops around Penketh
  • Penketh Sun Centre Top up that tan with a quick 20 minutes on the sun beds, 89-91 Maple Crescent, 01925-724300.
  • Mike Wilde Plumbers 97 Maple Crescent, 01925 724970.
  • Penketh Electronics 5 Chapel Road, 01925-723282.
  • Carden Dental Surgeons Rose Cottage Surgery, 176 Warrington Road, 01925-724611.
  • Abdullah & Luk Dental Surgeons 2/4 Heath Road, 01925-727464.
  • Marsh Chiropodists 2/4 Heath Road, 01925-791909
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Hairdresser / Barbers
  • Martin John Hair Studio 1 Jubilee Avenue, 01925-727854.
  • Penketh Hairdressing 225 Warrington Road, 01925-723601
  • A Cut Above 5c Chapel Road, 01925-722444.
  • O'Neils Warrington Road, where Ken Gange use o be.
  • Vouge Hair Salon 93 Maple Crescent, 01925 722493.
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  • The Spar situated on Honiton Square.
  • The Late Shop situated on Warrington Road 01925 722115.
  • Sommerfield 176 Warrington Road, 01925 725033.
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Dentist and Chiropodists
  • Carden Dental Surgeons Rose Cottage Surgery, 176 Warrington Road, 01925-724611.
  • Abdullah & Luk Dental Surgeons 2/4 Heath Road, 01925-727464.
  • Marsh Chiropodists 2/4 Heath Road, 01925-791909.
  • Penketh Clinic Honiton Way, 01925-791671.
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