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Overhead Views of Penketh

"All photographs on these pages are copyright CE McHugh 1999 and alternative uses must be with the permission of the copyright holder.

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All Pictures where taken in March-May 1999. Pictures can be saved by clicking the right hand mouse button and viewed closer by using Microsoft Photo Editor or a similar program.

View of Penketh to Great Sankey
A View of Penketh taken from just behind Bolting's looking over the main Road towards Great Sankey. The large white building at the bottom centre is Bolting's The field on the far right is Penketh South playing fields.
West Penketh, in the centre of this picture is Penketh bowling Green, with Tragan Drive. Withenshaw Playing Ground is in the centre to the top of the picture.
West Penketh
South Penketh
A View of Penketh South and St. Vincent's Schools with the fields of Ditchfield's Farm in the background. These fields are about to be destroyed by a housing development of 300 houses.
Penketh Primary school on Stocks lane, the old junior school buildings are now up for redevelopment, Savoy Honda is to the top, left of this picture.
Stocks Lane
Penketh High School
A View of Penketh High School, with Heath Road running towards the top left of the picture.

East to South West, Showing Penketh High School in the foreground and Fiddlers Ferry Power Station in the distance, Warrington Road snakes thorough the centre of Penketh. The River Mersey is to the left with the Ferry Tavern.
East to South West
Penketh's Main Road
Looking down Penketh's Main Road towards Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. Greystone Recreation Ground is in the centre of the picture to the right of the Main Road.
A View of Penketh from Gatewarth Nature Reserve, The Sankey Canal is in the bottom left corner. The large White house towards the bottom right of the picture is situated in Hall Nook.
Rural Penketh
East to West Penketh / Sankey
A View from above Sycamore Lane County Primary School, with Eagle Sports Club fields in the centre the Sankey Way roundabout to the centre left and the River Mersey and Sankey Canal to the top of the picture.
A View across the old Burtonwood Air Base Hanger, now used as a warehouse.
Burtonwood air base
Burtonwood Air Base Married Quarters
A View from above the old Burtonwood Air Base Married Quarters, now used as housing, do you live there now? Also showing Sycamore Lane County Primary School.
A View along the River Mersey looking towards Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE VIEWS OF THE RIVER MERSEY
River Mersey

My thanks go to C.E. McHugh for all his time and efforts to donate these pictures to